The offer is to dive for – Run intended ( Cant stop the Puns )!! The BPL tickets are selling at 1Bd ! Yes you read that correct … 1Bd! That’s for all the matches *gasp* !

To make things even better , you can win a Chevrolet Aveo for FREE with your ticket as you enter into the lottery with your purchase!

So Here’s all you need to know!
T20 format ! 1 team gets to bat and the other bowls , 20 overs to score your highest run ( An over is 7 thrown balls) .The bat then switches sides & the other team has their chance to beat your score unless you stop them in their tracks !

The match dates are January 26th -Opening Ceremony & our first set of matches.

Which teams am I coming to watch , cheer & jump for ?
(1) Intex Falcons
(2) SRAM & MRAM Lions
(3) Bahrain Knight Riders
(4) Four Square Challengers
(5) Bahrain Super Giants
(6) Awan Warriors

Hand picked players through an auction that was conducted on… ….. . These are the finest cricketers Bahrain has to offer and they are here to entertain you whilst they battle one another for the Cup! I’m already keeping my weekends free , hope you are ! See you there.

AH , how can I forget ?

Where can I get my tickets?