The Stars of the BPL!

Name: Mohammad Tahir Dar

Age : 42

Professional Profile : Business development officer, HSBC Bank. Member of the Bahrain National Cricket team.

We were in search of highly accomplished individuals & the first name to pop up was Mr Tahir Dar-Captain of the Intex Lions. The BPL team recently met with Mr Mohammad Tahir Dar to hear about his story, although cricket being the central topic we got to know so much more about this honourable gentlemen. Below is an Interview with Mr. Tahir, Do enjoy!


“When you do what you love its not work” Do you relate this strongly with your passion for Cricket?

“Playing cricket for me is a dream … I enjoy it ALOT! I love being on the field , going for training camps , I love going for my fitness sessions. It really is my passion. I love this game more than anything else”.

When did you start & learn to play cricket?

” I feel with regards to cricket , you have to be born with it. Its not something you can learn easily but something you can definitely improve on. I Started when I was 6 , my elder brother was a really good cricketer & so was my cousin. It was in the family & growing up under these legends really helped me , but it was always in me..I gradually joined them as I got older”.

What is your position on the field?

“I am an all-rounder. Primarily a batting-all rounder but yes I have performed well as a bowler too”.

What has prepared you for this stage, could you tell us about your journey to the Bahrain National team?

Its been 30 plus years of playing cricket now..but I would say I started my regular training in 1992. I initially started playing for clubs in Pakistan. The cricket clubs in Pakistan are very competitive, the practise sessions & the fitness was on a very high level, so remembering those days , I use to run almost 20 laps of a football ground just to warm me up..then practise would start. In 1994 I played as a professional for service industries of Pakistan for more than 7 years before coming to Bahrain. I then came to Bahrain in 2001 to play for the Young Boys Club”.

Since you are 42 now , has it gotten difficult to keep up with the younger players? Do you feel the difference?

“When I was younger I would train an hour a day…now I train 2 and a half hours a day , 6 days a week. When you are younger you have that automatic power in you but with the passage of time you need to work harder to maintain it. But I really love to play with younger players because you really get energised when you play with them. Cricket is in my blood so I cant stop myself from going!!!”.

Well what’s the key to your success ?

“I would say its keeping fitness as a priority , its actually a passion. Its required for any good cricketer. You just live your life better. Outside the cricket field ,I work in a bank ,it has really given me an edge at work to be productive there too”.

Have you ever had the chance to play for the country Pakistan before coming to Bahrain ?

“I was very close , I’m not exaggerating this. I was very close to it. The service industries team gave me a lot of opportunities I have played with Mohammad Hafeez , Abdul Razzaq & Shahid Afridi too for a few matches. I did feel that I had what it took to be up there. But from a huge country , there are so many factors that come into a selection. I came very close but unfortunately did not get the chance”.

What are your list of achievements and biggest accomplishment?

“I would prefer it if you asked someone else but okay here goes.

>I am the only player in Bahrain who has played the highest number of matches and highest number of man of matches ( 387 Man of the Match trophies ) , also the only player in the whole region who has gotten Man of the tournament 3 times.

>I think my biggest accomplishment is playing for Bahrain which started in 2005, the other prizes and medals come after that. When I play outside the country, I am filled with pride when I wear the Bahrain jersey and hear the National anthem”.

Any Highlight Moments for you in your tenure in the Bahrain National Team?

It was in 2005, my first year in the Bahrain Cricket team. It was the Gulf trophy where we beat Afghanistan in the finals and won the trophy, Alhamdulillah. That tournament sticks with me till today, I can still remember how It felt “.

Aggressive or calm ? What’s your style of playing that you believe equals winning?

“Its a technique to stay in control and also play aggressively. Sometimes you need to adapt to situations but if you really ask me, yes I can be an aggressive with my style of cricket. But over the years I have learnt to improve the mental aspect to the game and still be aggressive”.

Who are the players that inspire you?

“My firm answer is Virat kohli. He is young but you can see that he has learnt so much from Ms Dhoni. I feel under Dhoni’s mentorship Virat has learnt the mental aspect to cricket which sustains you at the highest level of cricket”.

What has been your role in the Bahrain team ?

“Been apart of the team for 11 to 12 years now. I am all-rounder player for the Bahrain team , leading the team twice as the captain”.

What is your role in being the captain & the most experienced member of the Intex Falcons team ?

“As captain its important to know the strength of your team. 80% of the players are young in this team which is a huge plus point. The challenging part would be converting this young energy into the game & making the right decisions at the right time . So as the captain I will play a role in consulting with the senior members of the team to make this happen”.

What are you known for on and off the field? This answer can include your skill set or a general fact.

“I am known to be a versatile player and also known to turn matches around , as a batsman or as a bowler. If I have the right pace & length while bowling I can turn a match in our favour quickly”.

What would you say is a batsmen’s nightmare or a difficult shot for you to hit?

“Haha maybe I’ll tell you after the tournament”.

What do you hate about loosing?

“Waiting ! Waiting for the next chance to perform well is the toughest. I don’t think its a negative thing to loose though, it helps you become a solid player”.

How would you compare Bahrain cricket with the rest of the world?

“We have good cricketers but we play on matt grounds. Hence converting your techniques to adapt to the change of ground in a short span is difficult. Other countries play on turf grounds so it is difficult to make the comparisons”.

What will BPL change about cricket in the gulf?

“It is such a great initiative to start this . I believe this will definitely grow Bahrain cricket, though its the first year, the success of this tournament will make things clear. It helps Gulf cricket by creating a platform. It can push Bahrain cricket up in the region , in ICC & ACC as well”.

Do you believe we have we a particular style of cricket that could adapt to an international stage?

“Playing on matt ground makes your game very fast. With a T20 format , Bahrain can be a major team in the region ! We have a lot of T20 players !

But with International Cricket, playing against Test countries, I still feel we have more growing to do. The success of BPL could provide exposure to cricket and hence create more support for the players and the sport here, so who knows…cricket can go anywhere!”