Star Player – Junaid Aziz Niazi

Where did you learn to play?

I learned the game by playing in streets of Bahrain and by watching Cricket on the T.V.

Number of years playing cricket professionally and experience?

I started playing Cricket professionally from the age of 14. I have also travelled and played in a few places like Singapore, Dubai, Srilanka, Thailand, Pakistan and Sharjah for tournaments representing Bahrain.

Can you tell us about some of your biggest accomplishment?

I do not usually like to brag about my achievements because I stop at nothing. I always move forward and aim for the sky. But I would like to share few of my achievements for the people to know . My biggest accomplishments are being a part of the Bahrain U-19 side. I have also been awarded as a best bowler and best all rounder as well. Furthermore recently I have also represented Bahrain National side for the tournament in Singapore and Thailand, played different leagues aswell.

Players that inspire you? 

It’s a hard question for me to answer as the world of Cricket has produced many amazing players. But one that stands out to me most is King Misbah Ul Haq.

Has the sport always been a big part of your life? 

Absolutely. From the very young age I have always dreamed of becoming a Cricketer. I left anything came in the way of my game. It has become a part of my identity .

What is your role in being Vice captain of the Intex Lions? & How do you motivate your team?

My main focus will be is to keep all the players together by ignoring all thier differences and by pushing the strengths of the players to a higher level. My main rule for the players is to never be afraid of losing. Enjoy the game and perform in the best way they possibly can .

What are you best known for on the field? / what are your go to batting moves /bowling techniques / styles.

I am usually known for my one handed catches as I strech my hands really wide. I am pretty quick on my feet as well so I make really hard for the opposition to snatch runs from me. As far as the technique and style is concerned Its hard to answer because I adopt the situation first and make changes accordingly. I use different tactics , techniques and styles depending on the enviroment , conditions and pace of the game. All things should be kept in mind to make a specific move.

Greatest wins? & what do you hate about loosing?

Our team has recently won a 20 overs league in Bahrain which has become one of my memorable achievements. As I said earlier that I am not afraid of losing . Obviously it doesnt feel good to lose but I believe that one can never learn without losing and you only focus on your weaknesses when you lose. 

Suggestions you implement on the field that can change a game?

I always consider fielding as a vital part of the game . I also advise my team members to always focus on their fitness to be able to play in the blistering heat with ease. 

What position do you play? and what do you most enjoy about playing?

I like to play at number 3 in order and I enjoy hitting sixes all over the field . 

What will BPL change about cricket in the gulf? 

I believe that BPL is a new era to Bahrain Cricket . It will expand the cricket in Bahrain by providing oppurtunities for the players to participate in this beautiful game. Furthermore it is a very brave step to improve the level of cricket in Bahrain.

So have you been able to have practise sessions with the auctioned team that was assembled ? and what are your chances of winning the cup?

Yes, we have a very good chance of winning because our side has more young and energetic players with extra ordinary abilities and talent as compared to other sides . Lets hope for the best . 

Do you believe we have we a particular style of cricket that could adapt to an international stage?

I believe that if proper training, necassary equipments and more oppurtutnities of playing are provided to players , We have the potential to compete with the best sides in Cricket . Soon a time will come that Bahrain will be participating in huge international events .