Name & profession?

My name is Mohammed Sameer ,working on a  property management company

When did your journey begin as a professional cricketer?

In 2010 , the head coach of the Bahrain national team visited school and spoke to me. He asked me to join the camp and train under him. So that’s when I started playing real cricket , that year is also when I got selected in the top 5 players for the U16  Bahrain national team.

where are some of your inspirations or reasons to pick up the sport?

I was really motivated by my father , he use to play “grade A” cricket in Pakistan . I  would hear alot of stories about him and how he would play , so that really motivated me. Also my sports teacher and principal also gave me a lot of support.

 So what is your journey to the Bahrain national Team?

I use to play cricket just for fun. So my Sports director Mr.Younis spotted me and asked me to pad up and take a few shots. After 20 minutes of my try out, he asked me to represent the school in the U16 inter school cricket championship. We ended up winning that , I was awarded man of the tournament + Best Batsmen.

Later on after our tournament , I was in class , my sports teacher asked me to come out and pad up and play in front of another coach named Mohsin Kamal. I was asked to come for a selection camp in front of all the head coaches of  Bahrain .

So after about a month , my dad told me my name was in the newspaper as the top 5 picks for the Bahrain National Team.

Number of years playing cricket professionally and your experience?

I have been playing for 7 years now, from 15 years old to now. At 17 I started playing in the clubs in Bahrain for Combine CC.

Any specific people that have mentored you into the player you are today?

Mr. Omran Ghani ( Captain of foursquare challengers) played a big role in my cricket development. When I first came to play with the seniors when I turned 21 , Mr Omran thought me a lot and would encourage me to take those big shots. I was really nothing compared to what I am now.

 Any milestone achievements while playing the game?

During the semi finals of the league matches, it was combine CC vs Busali . It was my turn to bat & it seemed like my team was going to lose. I scored 142 runs for 61 deliveries (not out) turning the game around to win the match . I was 21 at the time. It was my first century.

Biggest accomplishment so far?

My biggest one would be being selected for the Senior national team.

Another proud moment for me was when we were playing the qualifiers for the ICC world cup. It was my debut match , I scored 104 not out against Thailand. Also the first Bahraini to score a century on the tour.

That is what I am most known for actually- the guy that scored a century on his debut match.

Pre-game prep ?

I remind myself about the things I have done to reach to this point , the words of my mentors & team mates & even my father all play a role.

Players that inspire you?

Inspiration from Virat Kohli, I also love the way Misbah ul haq & Dhoni play & stay calm.

What is your role in the team?  

Middle order batsmen – being the backbone of the team.

What are your go-to batting moves?

I like getting down to the wicket and hitting for an extra cover.

How do you take loosing?

It’s all part of the game , even the best teams loose.

Coaches that have modelled you into the player that you are now?

Mr.Rexi Coach of the Bahrain team has thought me many things.

Also Azeem Bhai, Captain of the Knight riders , he was also the captain of the National team. He helped me alot with my footwork & batting . Omran ghani , spent alot of time playing with him, he’s really seen me and has helped me correct my mistakes. Week in and week out he has been there .

What will BPL change about cricket in the gulf?

There have been many tournaments in the past in Bahrain but I think the difference with the BPL is the awareness it is giving to players.

I think the biggest thing for players is for his countrymen to know him , more than the money. It’s important to know the good players we have. Awareness ,It’s how cricket will improve here.

what are your chances of winning the cup – The Kalaam Knight riders

 110%  haha , the day you play better than your opponent , you win !