Name & profession?

Awad khan , student & cricketer.


Where did you learn to play?

Learnt to play when I was in school .


Number of years playing cricket professionally and experience?

7 years professionally and experience of 13 years .


List of achievements? and biggest accomplishment?

Played for Bahrain Under 16, Under 19, then National’s. My Biggest accomplishment is playing for the national team and also when I got selected for one of the biggest cricket clubs in the UK-Bingham Cricket Club .


Players that inspire you?

Micheal clarke from Australia, the way he captains the team and his batting but most of all his personality !


Has the sport always been a big part of your life?

Yes , and it will be for the rest of my life .


What are you best known for on the field & how do you play the game?

For bowling fast, good fielding and big shots,I love batting aggressively .

Bowling techniques, I adapt my style according to the batsmen.


Greatest wins? & what do you hate about loosing?

Winning the match for Bahrain when we played in Sri Lanka. We had 6 runs to win for 3 balls. I played 2 dots balls and then hit a six on a last ball. That was my greatest win.

I hate losing more than I love winning. Cause when I lose I feel like I am losing my everything. That’s just my love & passion for cricket.


what do you most enjoy about playing?

when I am bowling fast and I get those wickets flying. That’s something I can’t put into words!


What will BPL change about cricket in the gulf?

I think it’s something which all players where waiting from a long time that something like this will happen in Bahrain cricket. And from my point of view this will bring cricket on a next level in Bahrain and gulf countries.


What are the Bahrain Knight riders chance of winning the cup?

I think we have a very strong side which can beat any team . We all as a team believe that we will win this cup.